Newton and I just returned from a 2-day Take Me Home workshop in Sedona knowing that our lives will never be the same again. I am deeply grateful for the profound understandings offered by David and the transparency that was shared. Witnessing examples you all offered, demonstrating what happens when following guidance 100% of the time, has inspired me to commit to doing the same. I offer blessings and gratitude for each one who attended and shared a common call of the heart to be taken HOME. Prayers of the heart are answered. Bravo.  – Kathaleen

I didn’t want Take Me Home to end. It’s a beautiful and powerful testament to the Truth.  – Antony

That documentary helped me to finally “see” and understand what “there are no private thoughts” really means!! Thank you.  – Shawn

Søren and Acacio

Thank you for your bravery, your courage and your commitment to just go through the fire. I feel like I was all of the characters—they make up all of us. Your commitment to stand fast and to not know, to stand in the not knowing; that kind of courage is so inspirational. I would love to see it again. There is so much there. It is so rich, it is so deep. My heart cracked open. When I looked into people’s eyes, we were all changed – Carol

It is an incredible experience, both the movie and accompanying interviews and lessons in the movie package. A heartfelt “Thank you” to Frances Xu and the team for listening to your guidance and inspiring me to do the same!  – Cathy

This brilliant beautiful film is all about coming home to your heart.  – Mariam

For me, it was an experience of not needing to understand, but just really allowing and trusting the vast experience that isn’t defined or limited. I was shown and I felt that everything it contained was selected by a perfection that is not of this world. Not at all linear, but guided, healing—an invitation to the awareness and experience of wholeness. It’s a demonstration of devotion and purity and strength and union. I feel it so deeply and I feel so honored. Thank you, with all my heart! Thank you!  – Karly

It was so Holy!! Through the simplicity it can reach people’s hearts where we can all recognize what is truly valuable.  – Eloisa

It touched my heart beyond words. It is the best documentary I have ever, ever experienced in my life! Because of the honesty and the reality of it.  – Silmar

Jeffrey and Raphael

There was a moment of remembering something long forgotten, a heart burst that wasn’t of me, or caused by anything that “I” did. There was a deep recognition of something true that transcended what seemed to be appearing on the screen. It was not anything in form that produced this experience. It was the Love of the Spirit. The Spirit has used Frances Xu and this documentary to be a channel for His Love and to reach anyone who is ready to receive this Love.  – Emily

Frances, I want to thank you so much! Watching your film yesterday was a sequence of holy instants and certainly a lot of healing. The film has absurd strength. Very beautiful.  – Renata

The movie was amazing! That was powerful! I was in tears most of the time! Thank you again!
– Bill

I just finished watching the Take Me Home package and I want to thank you so much! It is such a deep experience to go through. It is so practical and it mixed deeply with my own daily experiences in this period. Not always easy, peaks, full of joy and love but also troughs; communications with my loved ones to get more open to each other; the path to oneness. So once more, thanks for this beautiful, helpful documentary!  – Joke

From start to end I could feel the love in every detail. I was really touched by how everyone’s prayers were answered and loved seeing the human emotions transformed. Thank you for your teachings and I rejoice that you are part of my life.  – Pilar

Frances and Søren
Jason Press

I want to say a huge “Thank You” to Frances for making a truly healing movie. I have always been too ashamed to share my feelings. Having watched the movie today, something shifted in me. I saw myself in everyone, expressing the deep fears I have about myself. The beautiful honesty in someone expressing their love for someone else, another expressing anger. It terrified me. It was as though it was me saying all these things.  – Barbara

This Movie is the most Beautiful that I have ever seen. Everyone that has a chance to see it is very lucky.  – Sylvia

Without the personal backgrounds of the characters, Take me Home is universal and eternal. It gives space for my own “story” and experience. It makes me the main character and I can experience all the love, care and forgiveness because the Solution is given at this moment! Every time I watch it, I experience deep healing. Take Me Home is a beautiful demonstration of the miracle through following guidance.  – Stefanie

For a few weeks now, I kept hearing the same guidance, “Go deeper.” The movie actually helped me to do that. It took me deeper into opening my heart to emotions that I used to block. I feel like I could share parts of each of your journeys through the film. Thank you for this gift.  – Tanya

Monastery Walk

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