Newton and I just returned from 2-day workshop in Sedona knowing that our lives will never be the same again. I am deeply grateful for the profound understandings offered by David and the transparency that was shared. Witnessing examples you all offered, demonstrating what happens when following guidance 100% of the time, has inspired me to commit to doing the same. I offer blessings and gratitude for each one who attended and shared a common call of the heart to be taken HOME.
Prayers of the heart are answered. Bravo.
~ Kathaleen

Stay tuned for our upcoming screenings!

In planning:
New York City, May 2-3, 2020

More information coming soon!

I didn’t want “Take Me Home” to end. It’s a beautiful and powerful testament to the Truth.
~ Antony

I would love to see it again. There is so much there. It is so rich. it is so deep. My heart cracked open. When I looked into people’s eyes, we were all changed.
~ Carol

It touched my heart beyond words. It is the best documentary I have ever, ever experienced in my life! Because of the honesty and the reality of it.
~ Silmar

Take Me Home is currently being shared through workshops. It is not (yet) available for distribution. Contact us if you want to arrange a workshop in your area or online.