Newton and I just returned from a 2-day workshop in Sedona knowing that our lives will never be the same again. I am deeply grateful for the profound understandings offered by David and the transparency that was shared. Witnessing examples you all offered, demonstrating what happens when following guidance 100% of the time, has inspired me to commit to doing the same. I offer blessings and gratitude for each one who attended and shared a common call of the heart to be taken HOME.
Prayers of the heart are answered. Bravo.
~ Kathaleen

Take Me Home is now released in the format of a movie package!

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For me, it was an experience of not needing to understand, but just really allowing and trusting the vast experience that isn’t defined or limited. I was shown and I felt that everything it contained was selected by a perfection that is not of this world. Not at all linear, but guided, healing- an invitation to the awareness and experience of wholeness. It’s a demonstration of devotion and purity and strength and union. I feel it so deeply and I feel so honored. Thank you, with all my heart! Thank you!
~ Karly

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